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26th April 2021

Well it's all gone very very quiet at St Wulframs and it looks like the resident pair have gone. Fingers-crossed for next year!

8th April 2021

Well it's all gone very quiet at St Wulframs.... and it looks like the resident pair have gone elsewhere!

However, yesterday at 14.52 a bird was recorded on the wall above the nest tray, but soon left.  This was the first visit since 26th March....

22nd March 2021

Another twist... today we had a pair of birds visit the nest tray (both birds were unringed). During the visit the female bird was seen scraping the gravel in the nest box....

22nd st wulframs 1

22nd st wulframs 2

20th March 2021

After a few days with no sightings the colour ringed female returned to the parapet this morning before dropped into the tray again. There is some speculation that the new bird may have chased off the resident pair? Unfortunately, we still haven’t been able to get a clear image of the colour ring code so we don’t know where she is from…

13th March 2021

It’s been over a week since we have seen the birds at St Wulfram’s, but this morning a female sat briefly on the parapet over looking the nest tray!

StWulframs 13th March

5th March 2021

This morning a NEW female dropped in at St Wulfram's. The bird was seen at around 10.00am and was present for just a few minutes. When the bird landed in the nest tray we could see an orange colour ring which is how we know this isn't the resident female (the resident pair at St Wulfram's are both unringed). Unfortunatly the light wasn't too good, so we can't be sure of the code...

St Wulfram5th mar 1

4th March 2021

After a long break the female was seen at the nest tray for the first time since the 20th February.

4th March female st wulframs


20th February 2021

Today the female (?) sent about half and hour on the parapet wall between 12.00 and 12.30hrs.

If your a feral pigeon, its best not to hang around if a peregrine turns up!

15th February 2021

The birds have not been seen for the past few days because of the very cold weather and snow on the nest tray. However, this afternoon the female reappeared in the afternoon sunshine.

At 16.22hrs both the male and female birds appear on the parapet above the nest tray and then one bird (the female?) dropped into the nest tray briefly. The first visit to the nest tray in 2021.


The female peregrine on 15th Feb 2021

11th February 2021

The female bird eating breakfast on 11th February 2021. Note how full the birds crop is!

31st January 2021

A relaxing Sunday morning and the resident male is on the wall above the nest tray over looking Grantham.

Peg 2

27th January 2021

A short video from the spire.

The male bird at St Wulframs church in Grantham watching the world go by.

Peg 1

History of the St Wulfram's Peregrine

2007 - pair laid 2 eggs on the walkway, one of which hatched - (outcome unknown) The adult female was colour-ringed - she had been ringed on a natural cliff site nr Halifax as a chick on 01/06/2006. She had moved 125km SE and remained as our breeding female into 2012, before works started on the spire.
2008 - nest tray provided by Bob Sheppard and Alan Ball - but not used (‘our’ female bred nearby at Ropsley Quarry).
2009 - 2 fledged from 4 eggs 2010 - 2 fledged from 4 eggs. 
2011 - 3 fledged from 4 eggs 2012 - 3 fledged from 4 eggs. 
2013 & 2014 Works to repair spire ongoing - birds prevented from nesting 2015 - 2017 no nesting attempts. 
2018 - failed on 1 egg - 1 addled egg found in June. 
2019 - pair left site just prior to egg laying for unknown reason.
2020 - 4 eggs, 2 hatched but chicks died not long after hatching. One of our chicks a male ringed on 29/05/2009 was found shot near Horncastle on 24/05/2011 a distance of 47km NE.


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