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How to keep your sightings

There are a number of Programs and online services that enable you to store your bird sightings

Wildlife Recorder - This is a powerful and full-featured program for Windows. Used by the LBC to keep it records and by many birders and clubs throughout the world

BirdTrack - This is a free online service from the BTO where you can enter your records into their database. The LBC gets between 15000 and 20000 records from BirdTrack each month.

iGoTerra - An online service, paid by subscription.

Bird Journal - An offline and online service, free or paid by subscription. Runs on all platforms.

How to send in your sightings

Birdwatching is our passion, but to go one step further with your hobby, please send in your sighting records so they can be stored and used an essential part of this.

Most software packages will export your records in a spreadsheet format which can be converted to our LBC Template and then imported directly into our database.

Once you have your spreadsheet simply send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. along with your contact details

About Us

We are the Lincolnshire Bird Club

Our aims are to encourage and further the interest in the birdlife of the historic County of Lincolnshire; to participate in organised fieldwork activities; to collect and publish information on bird movements, behaviour, distribution and populations; to encourage conservation of the wildlife of the County and to provide sound information on which conservation policies can be based.