County Recorder

Phil Hyde, 

The Hawthorns, Manor Park, Legbourne, Louth, Lincolnshire LN11 8NH
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Species considered rare at county level are dealt with by the Lincolnshire Bird Records Committee. The committee currently comprises Phil Hyde, Steve Keightley, James Siddle and Andy Sims; Roy Harvey is LBRC Secretary.

Please fill in the online form below with details and descriptions of any LRBC species. If you experience difficulties with the on-line form, please contact us at

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. A list of the species considered in alphabetical order can be found here.

All records of LRBC species should be submitted as soon as possible after the sighting and not left until the end of each year. County rarities accepted by the LBRC will be published in the report together with the initials of the finder/identifier. The verification of the data that appears in the annual report is essential to the production of an accurate and meaningful report. A systematic approach to the verification of ALL rare bird records, no matter who has reported them, prior to the production of the annual report is required before they are published.

From time to time the LBRC will reserve the right to seek additional details of other records deemed exceptional by virtue of, for example, date, location, or number. The list of birds considered by this committee and the level of proof needed is subject to regular review as, indeed, is the membership of the LBRC.

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About Us

We are the Lincolnshire Bird Club

Our aims are to encourage and further the interest in the birdlife of the historic County of Lincolnshire; to participate in organised fieldwork activities; to collect and publish information on bird movements, behaviour, distribution and populations; to encourage conservation of the wildlife of the County and to provide sound information on which conservation policies can be based.