Birds of Lincolnshire

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The Lincolnshire Bird Club Committee are pleased to announce the publication of a new county avifauna: Birds of Lincolnshire. Featuring a front cover painting by Nik Borrow commemorating the first Pallas’s Sandgrouse invasion at Saltfleetby in April 1863.

Birds of Lincolnshire is a full county avifauna A4 size book with 240 pages. It covers all 402 BOU category ABC bird species recorded in the county from 1500 up to 2019 and certain key records for 2020 and much more. The book is lavishly illustrated with photos of birds seen in Lincolnshire, county landscapes and aerial photographs of key nature reserves.

The authors writing and producing Birds of Lincolnshire the late Colin Casey, the former Database Manager for the Lincolnshire Bird Club, former County Recorder John Clarkson, Chair of LBC Philip Espin and current County Recorder Philip Hyde. All four are Lincolnshire born and bred and have been involved in the writing and production of the annual Lincolnshire Bird Report over the past decade. All have been members of LBC since it was founded in 1979.

The book contains sections covering the following:

  • Introduction
  • Details of how birds are recorded in the county with maps showing county coverage.
  • A description of the bird habitats and natural regions of Lincolnshire with maps showing the extent of different habitat types.
  • Details of past and present breeding birds of Lincolnshire and how they have changed over the last 50 years.
  • An account of important sites in the county by region supported by tables of sites ranked by number of species and rare birds recorded and site grid references.
  • A short history of the Lincolnshire Bird Club.
  • A systematic list of all BOU accepted species in the county. The status of each species is described and all sightings listed for rare and scarcer species. Each species account is accompanied by local  photographs or drawings with distribution maps of sightings and graphs of abundance changes where appropriate. For regular occurring species an indication of the population size and changing status is provided.
  • A systematic list of birds recorded in Lincolnshire and not yet accepted by BOU on to the full British list are covered.
  • A list of species new to the Lincolnshire list since the last avifauna was published in 1989 and their published finders.
  • An extensive gallery of bird images taken in the county.
  • Details of Photographers, Acknowledgements, Supporters and References.
  • A Lincolnshire checklist based on the complete BOU British List showing bird species on the Lincolnshire list with a preface discussing the British species not recorded in the county.

Birds of Lincolnshire cost £43 to the public including second class postage and packaging and costs £33 including second class postage and packaging for members.

Phil Espin, Chair Lincs Bird Club

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About Us

We are the Lincolnshire Bird Club

Our aims are to encourage and further the interest in the birdlife of the historic County of Lincolnshire; to participate in organised fieldwork activities; to collect and publish information on bird movements, behaviour, distribution and populations; to encourage conservation of the wildlife of the County and to provide sound information on which conservation policies can be based.