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History of the St Wulfram's Peregrine

2007 - pair laid 2 eggs on the walkway, one of which hatched - (outcome unknown) The adult female was colour-ringed - she had been ringed on a natural cliff site nr Halifax as a chick on 01/06/2006. She had moved 125km SE and remained as our breeding female into 2012, before works started on the spire.
2008 - nest tray provided by Bob Sheppard and Alan Ball - but not used (‘our’ female bred nearby at Ropsley Quarry).
2009 - 2 fledged from 4 eggs 2010 - 2 fledged from 4 eggs. 
2011 - 3 fledged from 4 eggs 2012 - 3 fledged from 4 eggs. 
2013 & 2014 Works to repair spire ongoing - birds prevented from nesting 2015 - 2017 no nesting attempts. 
2018 - failed on 1 egg - 1 addled egg found in June. 
2019 - pair left site just prior to egg laying for unknown reason.
2020 - 4 eggs, 2 hatched but chicks died not long after hatching. One of our chicks a male ringed on 29/05/2009 was found shot near Horncastle on 24/05/2011 a distance of 47km NE.

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