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21st May 2022

All quite in the nest tray today... (after the 5th feed)!

peg 210522

16th May 2022

Less than 2 weeks old and already quite lively!

10th May 2022

One of eight feeds from yesterday (9th May)

7th May 2022

Afternoon feed - (9 minute video)

5th May 2022

Peregrine birth and first feed. St James, Louth May 2022

And, the third chick today at 13.50hrs.

Peg 5th

4th May 2022

The long wait is over... the first glimpse of one of two chicks hatched within 30 minutes of each other from 16.20 today..

Peg 4th

And, a short video

3rd April 2022

Changeover time...

2nd April 2022

Fourth egg arrives

30th March 2022

Third egg in the snow!

28th March 2022

2nd egg at 09.15am this morning

3rd April

26th March 2022

First egg of 2022

23rd March 2022


20th March 2022

Live images now available at https://www.lincsbirdclub.co.uk/site/index.php/information/lbc-articlebloglist/638-peregrine-project-2

13th March 2022

Mating. Watch carefully at the bottom right of the screen. The female is on a gargoyle and the male flies in.

9th March 2022

Male bringing in Woodcock? 2.25pm

5th March 2022

Brief encounter. 06.40 this morning. First visit for a couple of days….

16th Feb 2022

More courtship from the nest tray today including nest-scraping activity at 03.20 on the video below;

11th Feb 2022

The camera are up and running and the first visit to the nest tray was recorded on 11th Feb...

6th Feb 2022

The nest tray was put back on the walkway on 2nd February 2022. We are monitoring the local feed, but there will be no live feed until things start to happen!

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