Grey-headed Wagtail Motacill flava thunbergi

Vagrant. Scandinavia

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GreyHeadedWagtail 270501 GibPoint KevWilson topaz denoise sharpenGreyHeadedWagtail 170503 WatersEdgeCP GPCatley topaz denoise 

                            Grey-headed Wagtails: left, Gibraltar Point May 27th 2001 (Kev Wilson) and right, Water's Edge CP May 17th 2003 (Graham Catley).


There had been 11 records of this Scandinavian race of Yellow Wagtail between 1955 and 1976 (L&A 1989) and prior to LBC's formation.  Since then, the records in the LBC database from 1977 onwards are tabulated below, the last records being in 2008. All of the spring records have occurred between April 13th-Jun 13th; the sole autumn record was on September 4th 2008.


Site First date Last date Count Notes
Gibraltar Point NNR 23/05/1977 24/05/1977 1  
Goxhill 27/05/1977   1  
Covenham Reservoir 18/05/1978 19/05/1978 1 Male
Donna Nook 20/05/1978 22/05/1978 1 Male
Gibraltar Point NNR 23/05/1978   1 Male
Covenham Reservoir 05/05/1980   1 Male
Saltfleetby 14/05/1980   1 Male
Barton 07/05/1982   1 Male
Covenham Reservoir 10/05/1982 21/05/1982 1 Male on these two dates only
 Barrow Haven  13/06/1985    2CY male
 Barton Pits  14/05/1986    1  Male
 Gibraltar Point NNR  14/06/1992    1  Male
Gibraltar Point NNR 27/05/2001   1 Male.
 Water's Edge CP  17/05/2003    Male
 Covenham Reservoir 13/04/2008   14/04/2008  2  Both males
 Donna Nook 28/04/2008     1  Male
 Alkborough Flats  04/09/2008  08/09/2008  1  Male



(Updated with reference to the new Birds of Lincolnshire (2021) December 2022)

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