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5th April 2024

The St Wulfram’s Peregrine Saga: After the big fight on Wednesday it’s hard to know what’s going on, today there were 3 different birds at the tray! With at least EIGHT different birds in the last two months (5 females, 3 males) it’s a right soap opera in Grantham!.

3rd April 2024

The colour-ringed female BLUE "MK" is clearly injured after today's fight... during which she ejected an egg which got broken in the flight with another female... Things are not looking good for her...

3rd April 2024


2nd April 2024

Now a new female - with a BLUE ring "MK", ringed as a chick from Taunton in 2020.

28th March 2024

A new male has appeared at the church.

26th March 2024

After two days without any visits the female is back in the tray.

22nd March 2024

The female bird is still coming to the nest tray

20th March 2024

Firstly, an early morning visit to the parapet to collect a cached prey item, then later in the morning two birds in the nest try....

19th March 2024

And again, the female bird is in the nest tray...

18th March 2024

Today we had two birds in the tray at the same time.....

16th March 2024

After a no show last year, thing are looking prommising for 2024. This video is a bird 'scraping' in the nest tray...


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