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Lincolnshire Bird Club Garden Bird Survey

Please use the link below to download the survey instructions and record sheet.

LBC Garden Bird Survey Summer 2014-15 Combined (PDF)

Please note that the layout and fonts of these documents may change when you download them - depending on the word processing program used - if you experience any difficulties contact Webmaster .

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Garden Bird Survey Update (Spring 2012)
Apologies for the non-appearance of annual reports for a while, but please be assured that all records are input, analysed and immediately used for biodiversity monitoring throughout the county.  As noted elsewhere, reports are planned, including hopefully a larger publication on 'Lincolnshire's Garden Birds', but in the meantime, we are at the end of the current winter season, so two requests: send me your winter form asap, and DO download the summer form and keep recording, even if you don't normally do it.  The 'hungry gap' for birds certainly extends through April and into May for seed-eaters, and all sorts of trends are appearing that we need to follow up.  To take some notes from just one member's return (thanks Chris!):

This last winter saw:

  • tit numbers at an all-time low;
  • tree sparrow numbers declining drastically, but house sparrows climbing;
  • chaffinches now the commonest finch;
  • goldfinches changing their eating habits from nyger to sunflower hearts;
  • those expensive peanuts going uneaten;
  • reed buntings suddenly increasing.

Its likely that many of you have similar, or even opposite findings (its a big county) and if so, please lets be knowing.  This simple survey is one of the easiest to do, but gives us a really useful insight into how our common birds are faring.

Thanks, Anne Goodall

Garden Bird Survey Instructions

On the front of the form, please complete your name and address and the (approximate) dimensions of your garden or other recording area. (Note that there is now no space to indicate whether your garden is rural, urban etc., instead please complete the questionnaire on the instruction sheet).

Please record for each week (Sunday to Saturday) the highest number of birds of each species seen using your garden or other recording area at any one time . For example, if during week 1 you see a maximum of 4 blue tits at any one time, then enter '4' on the form (overleaf) in the blue tit square of week 1's vertical column, and so on for every other species you see using your garden that week. By 'using' we mean activities such as eating, drinking, bathing, roosting, preening, etc. Birds of prey flying through should be recorded, as should birds hawking for insects below roof height. Birds such as gulls, geese or starlings just passing over as they move from roost to feeding site should not be recorded. The 25 birds most commonly recorded are already listed on the record form, but please add any other species you record on the blank rows at the bottom.

If you wish, you can also help with the analysis by completing the last two columns before returning your form at the end of the survey. In the first column, headed 'Max', put the highest number of birds of that species recorded in any week of the survey. For the second column, headed 'Weeks', count up the number of weeks in which you recorded each different species, and enter this number against the name of that species.

Many thanks for your help with this survey! All participants will receive a copy of the survey report. Please send the completed form to your local organiser or to Anne Goodall , 5 Chambers Farm Cottages, Hoop Lane, Apley, Market Rasen LN8 5JR.

If you are not an LBC member, please consider joining us. Your subscription will help to fund our projects, including this survey. Details are available from the Membership Secretary, Mike Harrison, Baumber Park, Baumber, Horncastle LN9 5NE.

Garden Bird Survey Results

Garden Bird Survey - 2007 - 2008

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