LBC Data

Access to the Lincolnshire Bird Club Database
This note is provided for the benefit of non-members, who may not be aware that, thanks to the outstanding efforts of a small number of volunteers – still ongoing – all records submitted to the Club since 1998 are now held on a fully searchable database. Because of its very great commercial value, access to this database is controlled and a charge is made for any commercial use. However, records are provided free of charge to conservation bodies for conservation purposes and for private research or study by members. (LBC reserve the right to make a small administrative charge for supply of requests to non-members for research or study if very large volumes of data are requested, but in practice to date, these requests have also been met free of charge.)

Members’ Own Research
The Club’s bird records from 1998 to 2011 are on one computer and therefore readily available for any member who wishes to use them for their own project.
Records for single or multiple species, for specific areas or between specific dates can all be easily extracted from the database and provided to the user as Excel or csv files or as hard copy. If you have a project in mind and would like to make use of this valuable asset to which many of you are contributing please contact Janet Eastmead by email ( or telephone (01790 753834). You will need to complete a brief application form explaining how the data are to be used and agreeing to abide by the Club’s terms and conditions.

The Club’s computer database now holds over 10 years’ records (i.e. from 1998 to the present) and, as well as being available to conservation bodies and developers, these data are equally available to members for their own research. To request more information on a datasearch please click here.

Production of County Bird Reports
Finally, though by NO means least important, having put all available volunteer person-time into getting the records onto the database, we are able to turn to updating the reports. As members are aware, the 3-year Rares Report for 1997-1999 and 2000 – 20012 has been delivered, and data are being collated for 2003-07. For the remaining species, SoBiL 2 covering 1996-2000 is written and SoBiL 3 will follow straight on. For details on recent annual reports see LBC 2008, LBC 2009 and LBC 2010.