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The Lincolnshire Bird, Dragonfly, Damselfly, Butterfly, Moth, Mammal and Plant Photo Album.
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Sedge Warbler51 viewsSedge Warbler - River WithamGeoff Harrod05/14/17 at 07:39Geoff Harrod: Thanks for the ID, Geoff
Hen Harrier88 viewsHen Harrier - Grainthorpe MarshRobert Hardy05/12/17 at 14:46Robert Hardy: Yes never easy but that will do for me . thanks Ro...
Hen Harrier88 viewsHen Harrier - Grainthorpe MarshRobert Hardy05/11/17 at 22:02Alan Ball: Looks like an adult female Hen H from the photo - ...
Dunlin54 viewsNick Clayton05/11/17 at 20:34Nick Clayton: Thanks Richard, it's very much appreciated.
Dunlin54 viewsNick Clayton05/08/17 at 20:18Richard Pipe: Another cracking pic Nick
66 viewsIan Shepherd05/06/17 at 21:51Roy Harvey: An exceptional shot Ian!
121 viewsRUDDY DARTER ( SUPER CLOSE UP )Geoff Harrod12/18/16 at 05:47Geoff Harrod: Thanks Steve
Great White Egret139 viewsOn south western pit (viewed from road)Trevor Gunby11/21/16 at 20:54Richard Pipe: Nice one Trevor
OSPREY203 viewsGeoff Harrod11/03/16 at 20:39Trevor Gunby: I guess no response makes the answer obvious!!
Stonechat110 viewsStonechat - Frampton MarshRussell Hayes10/30/16 at 17:22Richard Pipe: Cracker Russell
Long-billed Dowitcher122 viewsLong-billed Dowitcher - Frampton MarshRussell Hayes10/25/16 at 20:30Russell Hayes: Thanks Roy, a bit of luck with this one.
Long-billed Dowitcher122 viewsLong-billed Dowitcher - Frampton MarshRussell Hayes10/25/16 at 19:54Roy Harvey: Super shot Russell. Contender for cover of 2016 Bi...
OSPREY203 viewsGeoff Harrod10/22/16 at 14:15Trevor Gunby: It's simple Geoff. If public access to the s...
Pallas's Warbler121 viewsNick Clayton10/10/16 at 13:10Nick Clayton: Thanks Oliver, it's nice of you to say
Pallas's Warbler121 viewsNick Clayton10/10/16 at 11:58Oliver Woodman: they really are some excellent shots Nick
OSPREY203 viewsGeoff Harrod10/09/16 at 10:52Trevor Gunby: Geoff you still haven't given the location of...
OSPREY203 viewsGeoff Harrod10/08/16 at 07:34Geoff Harrod: SORRY GUYS,AND THEY WERE TAKEN ON THE ONE DAY.REPO...
OSPREY203 viewsGeoff Harrod10/05/16 at 07:27Colin Scott: Have to agree with Trevor. Excellent pics Geoff bu...
OSPREY203 viewsGeoff Harrod10/03/16 at 23:44Benjamin Ward: Rutland ringed?
OSPREY203 viewsGeoff Harrod10/02/16 at 20:32Trevor Gunby: Geoff I am intrigued. I have not heard or seen a...
Little Stint139 viewsNick Clayton09/25/16 at 22:59Nick Clayton: Thanks Richard
Little Stint139 viewsNick Clayton09/25/16 at 19:38Richard Pipe: A real beauty Nick
Marsh Harrier85 viewsGeoff Harrod09/23/16 at 07:45Geoff Harrod: OH, SO IT IS A MARSH HARRIER THEN ,THANKS
COMMON HAWKER ( IN FLIGHT OVER WATER )80 viewsGeoff Harrod09/11/16 at 15:55Russell Hayes: Possibly Migrant Hawkers Geoff, they don't ap...
Maned Duck166 viewsOtherwise known as the Australian Wood Duck. It's anyones guess how this one came to be on the wrong side of the world in Horncastle this morning!!Trevor Gunby09/06/16 at 19:17Trevor Gunby: Thanks Russell and Russ. I am surprised that such...
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