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The Lincolnshire Bird, Dragonfly, Damselfly, Butterfly, Moth, Mammal and Plant Photo Album.
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Alastair's Circuit at Wood Enderby111 viewsCopyright of Ordnance Survey 2016Alastair Carr
A heavily un-cropped record shot of this very common visitor to the site. 211 viewsKirkby on BainRussell Hayes
TREVOR ( A nice gentleman and Brilliant Birder221 viewsGeoff Harrod
ISS217 viewsLast night and tonight,first 2 1200mm then 1680mm Robert Hardy
The three wise men searching for the elusive Black Stork!429 viewsPaul Neale
Garry Wright256 viewsGarry Wright - Mr Huttoft Pit 2015Russell Hayes
Toft Reservoir Bird Hide 208 viewsLooking better after a good paint two tone Dean Eades
Rare view of inside of Boston Stump235 viewsLooking down 100 feet to the floor below - not a view for the faint-hearted!
Challenge to get the cable for Peregrine camera to the floor below.
Alan Ball
Surveying?258 viewsWay out on the marshRoy Harvey
Surveying?188 viewsWay out on the marshRoy Harvey
Bittern294 viewsBittern - Helpringham FenRussell Hayes
Harris Hawk218 viewsHumberstonDave Bradbeer
Even bigger bird today!302 viewsThe three Avro sistersAlan Ball
Two Big Birds295 viewsBritish & Canadian Lancasters - Once in a lifetime treatRussell Hayes
ISS396 viewsThe space station just flew over N.E.Lincs So I grabbed a shot Robert Hardy
Tony Housman,Anthony Bentley and a trillion flies at Cov Res405 viewsTony and Anthony peering through flyfog.Ian Shepherd
John Paddon346 views1924 - 2014
Trevor Gunby
Path to Mill Hill254 viewsBy Mere hide. The water had receded significantly but this gives a taste of conditions a twelve days after the surge. Apparently water levels were up to the viewing flaps in the hide initiallyChris Grimshaw
Damaged Path263 viewsThe path between the Mere and Fenland Lagoon. Behind me was totally floodedChris Grimshaw
Fenland Lagoon204 viewsBreach in the bank by the East HideChris Grimshaw
Fenland Lagoon234 viewsFenland Lagoon from Mill Hill showing the breach at the sluiceChris Grimshaw
Mere Hide315 viewsNige Lound
Fenland Lagoon West Hide270 viewsNige Lound
Near Mere hide leading to Mill hill.283 viewsPaul Neale
Fenland Lagoon.275 viewsPaul Neale
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All images on this site are the Copyright of individual photographers and birders, for further information, please contact individual photographers direct, using email address associated with each image. All views expressed within the Wildlife Album are those of the contributor and not necessarily those of the Lincolnshire Wildlife Album Administrators. All images on the Wildlife Album are taken in Lincolnshire, for further information on Lincolnshire Birds, see . The terms of the Wildlife and Countryside Act must be observed and licences obtained to photograph Schedule 1 species from the appropriate Statutory Nature Conservation Agency. The Lincsbirds photo Album does not encourage images of rare birds taken at the nest or with young - a copy of the appropriate licences must be available, otherwise your image will be removed.

The Bird Club was formed in 1979, to encourage and further an interest in the bird life, birding and birdwatching of the historic county of Lincolnshire, to collect and publish information on bird movements and bird populations, bird taxonomy, bird status, to encourage conservation of the wildlife of the county of Lincolnshire and to provide sound information on which bird conservation policies can be based.

Joining the Bird Club is a great way to make new birdwatching friends and contacts in Lincolnshire! If you are a "beginner", but keen to become actively involved in birding, you will find that learning about your county's wild birds - how, when and where to see them - is both easier and more enjoyable when undertaken in the company of our local enthusiasts. If you're already an active birdwatcher you can add another dimension to your birding by becoming involved in our varied local activities.

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