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Lincolnshire Coastal Country Park

LCC Sponsored Barn Owl Nest Box Scheme Homepage.

Breeding Season 2014. A bumper year!








Huttoft – Green Lane

Kestrel – 5 chicks


Huttoft – Old Green Lane

Barn Owl – 2 chicks , adult female
Kestrel – in top – 1 tiny chick + 2 eggs


Anderby – Bluebell Farm

Barn Owl – 1 fledged chick, adult female


Anderby – Ronan Farm

Kestrel – 5 chicks


Anderby - Cowslip

Barn Owl – 5 chicks, adult female


Anderby - Lenton’s Hill

Kestrel – 2 fledged chicks




Adult female barn owl in box 2800 was also found breeding in box 2800 in 2012, having been ringed as a chick at Huttoft on 18/07/2011.

Breeding season 2013

The boxes were checked on 28/07/2013 by Bob Sheppard and Alan Ball. For detailed results see individual boxes. The final total for the year were 4 barn owls fledged, 9 kestrels fledged, 1 family of jackdaws and 2 family of stock doves.

Breeding season 2012

The nestboxes were checked for the first time in June 2012. As this is the first year it is always difficult to predict how well a barn owl nestbox scheme will do.  All six boxes were check on 27th June 2012, and incredibly ALL boxes have residence! For the first year of any scheme this is exceptional, and clearly indicates that there was a need for nestboxes within the LCCP.


Barn Owls are without doubt magnificent birds, effortlessly floating through fading daylight, they always stopping observers in their tracks. The sight of a ghost white Barn Owl quartering a field on the Lincolnshire coast is one not easily forgotten. The Barn Owl is truly an iconic bird of Lincolnshire’s coastal farmland.

Within the Lincolnshire Coastal County Park, the Lincolnshire Bird Club has erected six Barn Owl pole boxes to ensure the continued presence of this bird within the landscape. The sites have be chosen by members of the bird club who have expert knowledge on the breeding biology of these birds. The sites were carefully chosen for their suitability for both:

  • breeding barn owls
  • with regard to known breeding sites in the area.

Why do you want to do it?
The nestboxes will support a future breeding population of barn owls within the LCCP boundary.

What are the benefits?
To ensure the future survival of this species within the LCCP boundary, and to promote barn owl conservation.

What happens with the information?
Members of the Lincolnshire Bird Club monitor the barn owl boxes. Data received from the nest boxes will be submitted to the Local Records Office and the British Trust for Ornithology national monitoring scheme. Data will be published on the LBC website.

Access to Barn Owl box data.
Each barn owl box will have its own dedicated webpage, within the Lincolnshire Bird Club website. The pages will be updated with information which the local community and local schools can access. Click the images of the nestboxes below to find out how each box is doing....

Box 1
Box 2
Box 3
Box 4
Box 5
Box 6

Further LCCP Information

  • For more details on the Lincolnshire Coastal Country Park, please click here.
  • Details of the Barn Owl boxes design can be found by clicking here.
  • Live Barn Owl video from inside Lincolnshire nestboxes can be found by clicking here. (LIVE during breeding season only).
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Barn Owls and the LCCP Barn Owl project can be found by clicking here.
  • For download information (PDF) on the Lincolnshire Coastal Country Park, please click here.
  • LCCP Barn Owl Image and Video Gallery.
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